Raif Kara is a collector of Phonographs, Gramophones as well as record and accessory of these models.

Raif Kara has always enlarged his collection in time after acquiring the first gramophone in the year of 1984.

His collection includes 4 devices of “PHONOGRAPH” by which the sound was recorded by Edison in 1877 for the first time, 24 wax cylinder records which belong to these gadgets, are in Ottoman Turkish and so precious to Turkish music history, approximately 100 vinyl cylinder records of foreign artists for these gadgets, about 80 original and in-service “GRAMOPHONES” with worldwide known brands like "Viktor", "Sahibinin Sesi", "Columbia", "Pathe", Polyphone" and "Electrola", the smallest gramophone of the world "Mikiphone", 4 child’s gramophones and about 30 special records for them, as well as the first records of many music artists including in Münir Nurettin Selçuk, Hafız Burhan, Safiye Ayla, Müzeyyen Senar, Hamiyet Yüceses, Zeki Müren and Abdullah Yücen, many valuable records including 10th year Speech with the sound of Ataturk, composed and uncomposed versions of the Turkish National Anthem, approximately 4.000 gramophone records of esteemed hafizes and artists from Turkish Art Music and about 350.000 gramophone needles in addition to related affiches, brochures, souvenirs and many record sleeves.

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